A/C Fund

We're raising funds for some new A/C units! Be cool and learn how you can help!

Let's Fight the Heat This Summer!

Great Dates in Air Conditioning History:

  • 1902 - Willis Carrier invented the first modern electrical air conditioning unit.
  • 1978 - Air conditioning units were placed in the original building at Broadview Baptist Church.
  • 1990 - Air conditioning units were placed in the worship center at Broadview Baptist Church.
  • 2023 - Some of the oldest air conditioning units at Broadview Baptist Church were replaced, resulting in great joy and comfort for all the people.

How can you be a part of this momentous movement of cool air? Simple!

Just click the blue PLUS (+) button and make an online donation to our A/C Fund.

Or if you prefer to write a check, make it out to Broadview Church and indicate in the memo or on the envelope that it is for the A/C Fund. Just bring your check to church or mail it to us at the address below.


  1. How many A/C units do we have that are going bad? Out of our 16 A/C units, three are in dire need of being replaced. The cost of trying to repair them is becoming prohibitive.
  2. How much do the A/C units cost? Approximately $8,000 per unit, although our larger units may cost more.
  3. Can I get an A/C unit named after me? Yes! With a donation of $8,000, we will place a sign on the new A/C unit given in honor or memory of someone of your chosing.
  4. What if we raise more money than we need to replace the three A/C units? We will put the rest away to pay for other maintenance needs as they arise.