Maintenance Capital Campaign

We're raising funds for some new A/C units! Be cool and learn how you can help!

Let's Fight the Heat This Summer!

Great Dates in Air Conditioning History:

  • 1902 - Willis Carrier invented the first modern electrical air conditioning unit.
  • 1978 - Air conditioning units were placed in the original building at Broadview Baptist Church.
  • 1990 - Air conditioning units were placed in the worship center at Broadview Baptist Church.
  • 2023 - Some of the oldest air conditioning units at Broadview Baptist Church were replaced, resulting in great joy and comfort for all the people.

How can you be a part of this momentous movement of cool air? Simple!

Just click the blue PLUS (+) button and make an online donation to our Maintenance Capital Campaign.

Or if you prefer to write a check, make it out to Broadview Church and indicate in the memo or on the envelope that it is for the Maintenance Capital Campaign. Just bring your check to church or mail it to us at the address below.


  1. How many A/C units do we have that are going bad? Out of our 16 A/C units, three are in dire need of being replaced. The cost of trying to repair them is becoming prohibitive.
  2. How much do the A/C units cost? Approximately $8,000 per unit, although our larger units may cost more.
  3. Can I get an A/C unit named after me? Yes! With a donation of $8,000, we will place a sign on the new A/C unit given in honor or memory of someone of your chosing.
  4. What if we raise more money than we need to replace the three A/C units? We will put the rest away to pay for other maintenance needs as they arise.