Download a copy of our proposed updated constitution and bylaws.

Guide to Proposed Changes to Broadview Constitution & Bylaws

Download our Constitution and Bylaws with proposed changes above.

  • Strikeouts indicate text removed.
  • Blue and bold text indicate text added.

At our Business Meeting and Potluck Dinner on July 25 at 5pm, the Leadership Team will be making the following three motions to amend our Constitution & Bylaws:

Motion #1: To update our Statement of Faith to that of the Southern Baptist Convention

Location of change & explanation:

  • Page 1, Line 37 to Page 2, line 1 - This change updates our Statement of Faith from The Baptist Faith and Message 1963 to The Baptist Faith and Message 2000. The BF&M 1963 did not have a theological statement on the family, whereas the BF&M 2000 statement on the family speaks to marriage being between one man and one woman, the roles of the husband and wife in marriage, and the blessing of children to the family. The BF&M 2000 also has a stronger statement on the truthfulness, trustworthiness, and sufficiency of Scripture.

Motion #2: To make church membership more meaningful: (1) by updating our Church Covenant to a brief simple, memorable set of expectations, and (2) by clarifying how membership in the church is terminated.

(1) Church Covenant

Location of change & explanation:

  • Page 2, line 36 through Page 3, line 13 - This change replaces the current wordy church covenant with a more simple one that is focused on five memorable values all church members should share and actively participate in: Gather, Grow, Give, Go, and Guard.

(2) Membership Termination

Location of changes & explanations:

  • Page 5, line 36-37 – This change clarifies that the church clerk may immediately remove members who have died from the membership roll instead of bringing it to a church for a vote.
  • Page 5, line 38 to Page 7, line 6 – These changes require that all membership terminations must be approved by a 75% consensus of the church. The qualifications for removal from membership are expanded to include people we simply are no longer able to contact. Our goal remains to contact absentee members and re-engage them in ministry.
  • Part B: By Letter (Page 5, line 38 to Page 6, line 2) has been moved to Part B, number 1 (Page 6, lines 15-17).
  • Part C: Exclusion (Page 6, lines 3-7) has been renamed “Church discipline leading to expulsion” and has been moved to Part B, number 6 (Page 7, lines 1-6).

Motion #3: To make the procedures of our Constitution & Bylaws more efficient, consistent, and clear

Location of changes & explanation

  • Page 1, line 25 – This changes from 1st person “We” to third-person “The church.”
  • Page 1, line 27  – This change lowers the consensus agreement level in business meetings from 80% to 75% of members present, making it slightly more difficult for a small minority of people to hinder the will of the majority. The 75% threshold is also reflected at Page 4, line 29 (receiving members), Page 8, line 32 (electing new deacons) and Page 15, line 13 (Leadership Team decisions).
  • Page 11, line 21 – This change removes a redundancy.
  • Page 12, lines 14-16 and Page 16, lines 8-10 – This change removes an unnecessary statement, since we only have 3 standing committees.
  • Page 16, lines 35-37 – This change allows the Finance Committee to make quick decisions about unbudgeted expenses, which is especially necessary during emergencies.
  • Page 17, line 27 – This change implicitly acknowledges that all committees, not just the Pastor Selection Committee, are committees made up of praying people.