Connect with others through our groups!

At Broadview, we believe that the best way to experience growth in your life is to do life together with others.

Moving from the rows at our worship service to the circles in groups will help you to build intentional community with others.

We have three types of groups at Broadview: Growth Groups, Play Groups, and Serve Teams.

Growth Groups could be a Sunday School class, which is a weekly gathering of people at 9:15am on Sundays at the church campus to study the Bible and support one another. Or it may be a short-term LifeGroup focused on equipping you for some aspect of life, such as personal financial management, marriage support, or in-depth Bible study.

Play Groups are a great way to make new friends and deepen existing friendships by having fun together through recreation or common interests.

Serve Teams are designed to help you give yourself to others. Our Ministry Teams are focused on serving the church, and our Missions Teams are focused on serving the community and beyond.